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PVA Trak Kwik-Melt 10mm


Pva hitro toplljiv trak.

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PVA Tapes And String

Spread-Em PVA Tape
This woven tape has a coarse texture to its flat cross section; this makes it perfect for stringers because the texture will actually hold the baits apart even with the force of the cast. 
It is not necessary to tie this onto the hook either, because of the woven element; all you have to do is hook the point of the hook through it, it will not tear on the cast and this ensures no residue is left around the hook once the tape has melted. This material is very strong when dry, making it ideal for tying up the top of solid PVA bags.

Total Dissolve PVA String
We recommend you double it up by pulling your baits onto a loop of string and then hand the string over the hook before pulling the top bait back up against the hook to tighten the loop so the loop cannot slip back off the hook in flight.
Do not use this product for tying the hair up tight to the hook, if it is pulled too tight the water cannot attack the PVA strands in the middle of the braid and the knot may remain, we recommend going over to the Kwik-Melt solid tape for this and any application where you need to tie a very tight over hand knot. 
You will find this string super strong when dry making it ideal for tying up the top of PVA bags where a small amount residue will do no harm to your presentation.

Kwik Melt 10mm Tape
Kwik Melt tape has become the favourite PVA tape for many of our most-admired big-carp anglers. It's great for stringers, as well as tying off PVA bags and securing hairs on the cast. As the name suggests, Kwik Melt dissolves reliably even in cold conditions. It is supplied as conventional10mm tape, as well as 5mm twin-tape.

KPT – Spread-Em PVA Tape
KPS – Total Dissolve String
KEMT – Kwik Melt 10mm Tape 
KEMTS – Kwik Melt 5mm x 40m (TWIN)

- See more at: http://www.korda.co.uk/fishingtackle/pva-systems/pva-tapes-and-string/#sthash.BQ74lum3.dpuf

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PVA Trak Kwik-Melt 10mm

PVA Trak Kwik-Melt 10mm

Pva hitro toplljiv trak.

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